Extensive Management Consulting Experience

We have extensive national and international management consulting experience -- both as independent boutique consulting firm as well as part of  large global consulting firms.

We have in-depth experience in two major business domains:

.- business transformation (strategic planning, change management, human capital, etc.), and

.- business process analysis (risk management, business process assessments/improvement/re-engineering, etc.)

What this means to our clients is that we are both generalists (being able to see the big-picture, assist executive/senior management and being strategic in our work) as well as specialists (caring for the details, having subject-matter expertise, knowledge, discipline and strict education in our specific domains) at the same time.

This is a privileged position for any world-class management consultant -- or for any professional for that matter. We are certainly proud of it, and use this strategic advantage every day for our client's benefit.

This enviable well-rounded experience allows us to tackle every business issue or challenge with a global business mind. That is, when we suggest, execute or implement a solution it considers both the details and the specifics as well as the impact in the rest of the organization.

In today's business environment, this is a necessity, not a luxury.

Certified Management Consultants (CMCs)

We are proud to bear the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Logo in our website.

Less than 1% of the consultants in the market have achieved this level of performance. That is why CMC's are known as the "Next Level of Management Consulting".

A world-wide recognized credential in over 43 countries, it raises the bar for the consulting field to give client's assurance that the bearer has gone through a rigurous process to demonstrate to his/her peers his knowledge, experience and expertise in management consulting.

The rigour of the process ensures that only those with superior consulting experience and knowledge (as demonstrated to their peers and the certifying institute) are able to qualify.

CMCs undergo a thorough investigation of their consulting experience to verify their technical competence. In addition to education in multiple functional management areas, a CMC must pass a rigurous full day examination to demonstrate their expertise in integrated management consulting as well as a mandatory test on the Institute of Certified Management Consutant's Code of Ethics.

A yearly written commitment to follow the Institute's Code of Ethics, and specific continuous education requirements are compulsory to maintain the certification.

To learn more about CMC click on the logo below.